The Battle of Ridgefield - Events

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   During the weekend of April 29th 2017, the 1777 Wooster-Sons of Liberty Foundation, A 501(c)3 Educational Charity and Jerusalem 49 Masonic Lodge of Ridgefield will sponsor and host a reenactment of the 1777 Battle of Ridgefield. British troops will bivouac in an encampment at Ballard park; the 5th Connecticut Regiment of the Continental Army and colonialist militias will establish their encampment at Keeler Tavern Museum. The reenactment will include personalities in full period costumes. For a list of all events please view the Battle of Ridgefield Interactive Map and Schedule

   This is the closet you will come to being there 240 years ago—as ordinary Americans, local militias and Washington’s Continental Army, confronted and engaged the superior British force that had just destroyed Danbury and the Continental Army's supplies for the war effort. The Americans fought for and believed in, a freedom and liberty not yet secured in the newly birthed United States of America.

Guest will witness:

  • The march of the British from Danbury through Ridgefield
  • The live smelting and pouring of musket balls, canon fire, live skirmishes
  • Reenactment practice drills with the soldiers
  • A look into the past at the chores and responsibilities of American and British Soldiers
  • A look into the past at the lifestyles of American and British Soldiers
  • A look into the past at the life conditions and challenging hardships endured and conquered by Americans as the starting price for liberty

   The 1777 Wooster-Sons of Liberty Foundation and Host Jerusalem 49 Masonic Lodge request your presence at the 240th Anniversary Black Tie Gala following the celebratory reenactment of the Battle of Ridgefield on Saturday, April 29th, 2017 beginning at 5PM for our cocktail hour. The gala celebrates the life of patriot General David Wooster, the founder of Connecticut Masonry, who was mortally wounded during the battle.

   The evening’s highlight features our VIP guest Ambassador R. James Woolsey who will speak to the importance of the Battle of Ridgefield within the context of today's nation. The historic 1890’s Lounsbury house community center on main street in Ridgefield will house our unique evening. The late evening’s celebration will dance under the stars to the 1940’s swing band music of the Glenn Hansen Orchestra. A Silent Auction of the historic revolutionary period art and period items will be concluded at 11PM. Tickets are limited for this unique intimate black tie affair.

Saturday, April 29th, 2017

5:00 PM - Cocktail Hour


Lounsbury House

316 Main Street, Ridgefield Connecticut


$175 per guest



Dinner seating at 6:30PM

VIP guest speaker Ambassador R. James Woolsey