1939 Map of The Reaches of New York City

1939 Map of The Reaches of New York City

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This colorful and informative map, "The Reaches of New York City", was published circa 1939. The map was created in the studios of the National Geographic Magazine, under Gilbert Grosvner, Editor. With New York City at its center, the map extends beyond the city limits to upstate New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and down to New Jersey and Philadelphia in the south.

The map indicates places of significance and relevance to the modern-day traveller, including historic monuments, early architecture, churches, battlefields, and "towns of similar interest well worth a visit." An inset map of southern New Jersey is at bottom right.

The border alternates between portraits of famous Americans – Theodore Roosevelt, Nathan Hale, J. A. Roebling, Eli Whitney, Alexander Hamilton, Robert Fulton, Thomas Edison, Henry Hudson, and Grover Cleveland- with depictions of prominent landmarks- Brooklyn Bridge, Montauk Lighthouse, Atlantic City, Worlds Fair, Rockefeller City, West Point, the Hudson Palisades, and Columbia University. The top of the map contains two larger vignettes; a bustling New York City street scene is depicted at left, the right vignette shows two couples on a long winding drive, using the map to navigate and find points of interest. 

The map is uniquely presented in an antique windowpane frame with painted glass.

Framed dimensions: 31 3/4" H x 31 3/4" W x 1 1/2" D.